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The American Dental Association provides several different guidelines and recommendations to help you maintain the health of your teeth, gums, and other important oral tissues. This includes attending a regular dental checkup with a trained dentist, like Dr. Lyndel Stripling. While the dental exam and cleaning performed at Lake Highlands Dental is certainly critical, your daily oral hygiene routine is of equal importance.

To that end, the ADA recommends brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing once a day. While many people are happy to brush, some are reticent to floss each day. Choosing a type of dental floss you enjoy can help keep you encouraged to floss, thus reducing your chances of suffering gum disease and cavities.

Unwaxed dental floss is typically a plain strand of monofilament or micro-braided nylon that has not been treated with a wax coating. While some manufactures will apply popular flavors to unwaxed nylon floss, most offer it plain.

Waxed dental floss is just like unwaxed except it has a thin, waxy coating applied to the strand. This helps you slip the floss into tight places, making it a good choice for people with tight-fitting teeth or braces. The wax is often flavored with mint or other additives to make it more enjoyable. This can also help mask the stray flavor of removed bacteria.

On a clinical level, there is no difference in the effectiveness between waxed and unwaxed dental floss. Choosing the one that best matches your personal preference will go a long way toward keeping you encouraged to floss at least once each day.

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