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Scientific advancement is fascinating. Every day, our experts at Lake Highlands Dental appreciate the state-of-the-art technology that we use in our practice. From dental lasers to bonding agents, hundreds of years of dental research have provided us with the best equipment to use in our treatments. One particularly fascinating technology that our practice uses is the X-ray. The X-ray, also called a radiographer, utilizes a high-frequency light wave (actually called an X-ray) to provide our dentists, Drs. Stripling and Nemovi, with visual imaging of the bones and teeth within the mouth.

So how does X-ray imaging work? The dentists or an assistant will take you into our specialized radiography area and possibly prepare you by giving you a protective shield. Without the shield, some X-ray techniques could be potentially harmful. There are two varieties of radiographers that Dr. Stripling and Dr. Nemovi could use. They could employ a panoramic X-ray, which circles the head and gives an image of the whole mouth, or a stationary radiographer which takes still images of many parts of the oral cavity. With any of these images, they can make a lot of progress for your dental health.

X-ray imaging is used to diagnose dental defects, plan treatments, and understand tooth growth under the gums. They can provide views of the jaw, hard palate, and tooth roots, structure, and inner framework. When our dentists are providing you with a treatment, they can use the images to construct a plan of movement.

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