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Here at Lake Highlands Dental, we consider dentistry a beautiful art. It is a sophisticated way for our dentist, Dr. Lyndel Stripling, to sculpt, form, and perfect your teeth, and just like a musical artist uses instruments to create their best pieces, our specialists utilize dental instruments to form oral perfection.

We want you to understand some of the dental instruments that we are skillfully using to craft your smile, so we compiled a list of the tools and their uses.

Spatula — Spatulas are rods with flat tops that are used to mix chemicals together for application.

Cotton Pliers — You can think of these small grasping tools as tiny hands. They guide, grasp, and place dental items to and from the oral cavity.

Dental Hatchet — A hatchet is a tool that smooths and prepares the tooth for treatments.

Mouth Mirror — A small circular mirror piece is attached to a metal rod. These are inserted into the mouth to view the backs of the teeth in order to check for cavities and other infections in places that are not normally visible.

Periodontal Probe — These are rods with angled wire attached to them. They are used to test the health of the gums surrounding the teeth.

Explorer — These tools look like the hooks on a shepherd’s staff and are used to probe for cavities. The dentist taps the teeth to look for demineralized areas or other damaged tissues.

We truly care about every stroke and movement in your mouth and Dr. Lyndel Stripling is ready to work his hardest to give you a glowing, bright and confident smile. All you need to do is set up an appointment by contacting our office in Dallas, Texas, by calling (214) 613-1279.