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If you have any damage due to broken teeth, it is important to consider a tooth restoration that not only treats the damage but prevents future damage from occurring. In addition, it is wise to think about tooth restorations that can dramatically improve the look of a tooth as well. One highly effective treatment you can look into is called a dental crown. Dental crowns are customizable restorations that give the look, protection, and treatment you and your smile need.

Dental crowns have been proven to be an extremely effective tooth restoration treatment for the protection of your teeth. Not only can they be customized to improve the look of teeth, but they can be designed to ensure future damage due to tooth decay, and dental erosion will be minimized. This is because dental crowns effectively cap and conceal teeth on all sides down to the gum line.

Dental crowns are extremely durable and can provide decades of protection for potential teeth. They have also been proven highly effective for protecting teeth and previous restorations in the form of implants, bridges, or even root canals.  If for any reason a dental crown is broken or damaged due to an accident or injury, it can be restored and replaced by your dentist.

It may be possible for a dental crown to fuse together a tooth that has broken into pieces. Not only can it bind the bits of tooth together and restore the look, but it can help restore its function as well. Dental crowns can even be using situations where a dental filling is needed but not enough tooth remains to hold the filling on its own. Children who are at risk for tooth decay can also benefit from dental crowns.

Your first step to the perfect smile you’ve always wanted begins with dental crown restorations. To learn more about dental crown restorations to enhance and improve your oral health, contact Lake Highlands Dental at (214) 613-1279. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Lyndel Stripling and our team at our dentist office in Dallas, Texas so you can drop by.