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For patients who require a root canal treatment, Lake Highlands Dental is pleased to offer wave endodontic treatments in Dallas, Texas. Wave endodontics use disinfecting procedural fluid to cleanse the inside of your root canals. With this advanced technology, your treatments can be faster and less painful, and they can reduce your chances of having to return to our office for further treatment. We welcome you to contact our office at (214) 613-1279 to learn more and to schedule your appointment with our dentists, Dr. Lyndel Stripling and Dr. Shawn Nemovi.

Does the thought of getting a root canal make you nervous or anxious? For many people root canals are associated with long and painful treatments. At our practice, however, we use wave technology for our root canals, so you can replace your fears with the reassurance that your treatment will be quick and comfortable.

A root canal is required when the tooth’s inner pulp and nerves have become infected or damaged. Typical procedures consist of using a series of files to reach down inside the tooth and remove all bacteria and infected tissue by hand. Although this treatment is effective, it may not reach around every twist and turn inside the root canal, nor can it reach inside the miniscule hiding places where bacteria like to live. This can ultimately lead to you having to return for a second root canal and clean out any bacteria that was missed the first time.

With wave technology, our dentists use a sterilized, handheld instrument to clean the inside of your tooth. This instrument, however, is not like the traditional files. Instead, it uses broad spectrum acoustic energy to push procedure fluids through your root canals and clean out the infected tissue. Because our dentists are cleaning with fluid instead of a stiff tool, we can reach every area of your root canal, including all of the bacteria’s hiding places.

Wave technology is a minimally invasive treatment that can typically be completed in just one visit. This means that you can have your root canal without forfeiting your entire day. Because wave endodontics is also more effective and accurate, you will have fewer follow-up appointments and a much lower chance of having to get a retreatment. In short, wave endodontics takes the fear and discomfort out of root canals. If you have questions about wave technology, we invite you to call or visit our office today!