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At Lake Highlands Dental, we understand that everyone is in their own unique situation, and we believe that everyone should receive high-quality dental care, no matter their circumstances. If you or a loved one has a physical or mental handicap, our team can care for them. We know to help our special needs patients remain calm and comfortable during their treatment. If you are looking for special needs dentistry in Dallas, Texas, contact us today at (214) 613-1279 and schedule your appointment with our caring and skilled dentists, Dr. Lyndel Stripling and Dr. Shawn Nemovi.

Patients with special needs include those who require special consideration due to medical, cognitive, or physical conditions. Some of these conditions include Down Syndrome, Alzheimer’s Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Cystic Fibrosis, and many more. These conditions can make everyday activities and routines more difficult, including standard dental treatments.

Patients with special needs require dental care just like anyone else, but they can benefit greatly from visiting a dentist who caters specifically to their needs. Special needs dentistry is a branch of dentistry where doctors and their team have received additional training about how to treat disabled patients while understanding the issues that these patients face. Most treatments with special needs patients include regular cleanings, fillings, and exams, but our dentists are able to accommodate and embrace an understanding of any unique conditions a patient may have in general or in their oral health.

Having a mental, medical, or physical condition can make simple dental hygiene practices difficult to perform. For patients who struggle with tasks such as brushing and flossing, our dentists can help parents and family members know who they can help their loved one maintain good dental hygiene at home. If you have questions or concerns about how you or a loved one can receive special needs dental care, please call or visit our office. We are always happy to help!