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Are cold sores, fever blisters, or ulcers causing you discomfort or embarrassment? At Lake Highlands Dental, we can help diagnose your condition and provide any necessary ulcer and fever blister treatment in Dallas, Texas. Our caring and considerate dentists and team will help you find the care you need without judgment. We simply want to help you feel comfortable with your smile! We welcome you to contact us at (214) 613-1279 to learn more and to schedule your appointment with Dr. Lyndel Stripling and Dr. Shawn Nemovi.

Ulcers and fever blisters, as well as cold sores, are sores found both the inside and outside of your mouth. All of these can be caused by a variety of things, including hormonal changes, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, medications, or viral or bacterial attacks, including the herpes simplex virus type 1. In some cases, cold sores and fever blisters will appear first as tiny clusters of blisters on the lip. These blisters can quickly turn into ulcers inside of the mouth in various places, including the palate and gums.

The first sign of a developing cold sore or of fever blisters is a burning, itching, or tingling sensation, soon followed by redness and swelling. The most common place for cold sores to appear is along the border of the lips. Soon, sore blisters will form. They will pop typically within a day but will take several days to heal.

If you are unsure if you suffer from cold sores, ulcers, or fever blisters, our dentist can help diagnose whether you really have any of these tiny, bothersome, and painful bumps. Once diagnosed, we can help give you the proper treatment to ease your pain and restore your confidence in your appearance. Common treatments may include:

  • Herbal remedies
  • Over-the-counter remedies
  • Prescription creams and gels
  • Anti-inflammatory prescriptions
  • Rinsing agents
  • Cold sore medications

If you have any questions about oral ulcers, cold sores, or fever blisters, we welcome you to call or visit our practice today. You can feel safe coming to us and trusting that you will receive no judgment. We want to help you restore your oral health.