Periodontal Charting

You are sitting in the chair at Lake Highlands Dental being treated by your hygienist. Suddenly, you hear them calling out random numbers. No, they have not lost track of the number of teeth you have, and they are not watching children’s television. So what are they doing? Actually, they are doing something called periodontal charting.

At out our office, we use periodontal charting in Dallas, Texas, to track changes in your smile and monitor your oral health. During this process, the hygienist will use a small tool to measure the depth of the area where each tooth meets the gumline. In a healthy smile, the tooth meets the gumline at about two to three millimeters. If the depth is greater than three millimeters, you could be at risk for periodontal disease. If this is the case, our dentists, Dr. Lyndel Stripling, Dr. Sajjad Ashnagar, Dr. Rachael O'Brien or Dr. Dan Stipe, may suggest an improved home care routine, scaling and root planing, antibiotics or other treatments.

We use periodontal charting to track the health of your smile over time and look for any developing trends. This process helps our team ensure that you continue to enjoy your smile for years to come. If you have questions, call 214-613-1279 today, and one of our team members can give you more information.

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